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Gábor Báthory was the ruler of Principality of Transylvania from 1608 to 1613. The infamous Elisabeth Báthory was his relative. The young Báthory is daring handsome and the idol of women, and triumphantly acquires the throne of Transylvania. The young ruler is the hope of the Transylvanian people, who have long suffered from wars. However, the ambitious Báthory pursues glory. He turns into a deranged tyrant, his best friend, the wise Gábor Bethlen, also becomes his mortal enemy and infuriates the neighboring great powers. Huge armies of the Ottomans, Wallachians, Poles, Hungarians and Cossacks attack Transylvania because of Báthory's adventurism.
Duration: N/A min
Country: Hungary
Production: Megafilm

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